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EDN Congratulates! IDFA Forum Selection and Other Recognitions for EDN Workshop Projects


EDN congratulates! is a series of news stories where we congratulate documentary teams from EDN workshops when they have achieved great results. In this edition of EDN congratulates! we are proud to announce that four EDN forum and workshop projects gained recognition through awards and selections at important industry events.

Selected for IDFA Forum 2019: The Tigress
directed by Philipp Fussenegger

Keeping track of how projects and finished films are doing is of great importance not only to filmmakers but also to the European Documentary Network, especially when projects have been developed or pitched at EDN forums and workshops. Therefore we are proud to announce that the project "The Tigress", which participated in last year's edition of Lisbon Docs, has been selected for IDFA Forum 2019, whereas two further titles have won important awards earlier this year. Another project, "The Hole in My Life", directed by Xavier van Delft, has been granted development support and has further been selected for IDFAcademy, The projects were previously co-developed at the EDN initiatives Crossing Borders and Lisbon Docs.

The Tigress | Selected for IDFA Forum 2019

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs

Director: Philipp Fussenegger | Producer: Dino Osmanovic (Germany)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: With 17-inch biceps and back muscles to make any man jealous, Tischa ‘The Tigress’ struggles to face the end of her career as a professional female bodybuilder. Can she find her acceptance in the life waiting for her offstage?

Hope Frozen | Best International Feature Documentary Award at Hot Docs 2019

Participated in: EDN Training Programme Crossing Borders

Director: Pailin Wedel | Co-Creator: Patrick Winn | Producer: Gigi Berardi (UK)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: In 2015, two-year-old “Einz” became the youngest person in the world to be cryopreserved. Her head and brain now rest in a cryonic tank in Arizona. Before her death, Einz fought cancer bravely. This convinced her parents she was determined to live at any cost. Her father, Sahatorn, a Thai Buddhist an Ph.D.-holding laser scientist, hopes she will one day experience rebirth inside a regenerated body. Matrix is Einz’s 15-year-old brother — a whiz kid who programs circuits in his spare time (...)

Asbestos | received the Alan Reinstein Award of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs (as "Eternal Silence")

Director: Daniel Lambo | Producer: Maarten Schmidt (Belgium)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: Following the deaths of his father and many others from his village, filmmaker Daniel Lambo sets off on a passionate quest to find the truth about the deadly asbestos industry. His search takes him to the largest asbestos waste dump in India and unveils a cold-blooded industry still endangering the lives of workers and consumers around the world.



The Hole in My Life | Development Funding through NPO, Selected for IDFAcademy

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs

Director: Xavier van Delft | Producer: Ton van Zantvoort (The Netherlands)

A lignite mine provides society with energy and security, but in the meantime this expanding hole has an irreversible impact on the lives of a villager, a miner and an activist. They live on the edge of the mine, the hole in their lives. How does this place control their existence and how do they deal with it?



The EDN team would like to congratulate the above mentioned project teams on their success and the recognition of their work.

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