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EDN Congratulates! Awards & Funding for EDN Workshop Projects


EDN congratulates! is a series of news stories where we congratulate documentary teams from EDN workshops when they have achieved great results. In this edition of EDN congratulates! we are proud to announce that three EDN forum and workshop projects gained recognition through awards, funding and festival selections.

Honoured with the EIDF World Vision Special Award:
Kids on the Silk Road

Keeping track of how projects and finished films are doing is of great importance not only to filmmakers but also to the European Documentary Network, especially when projects have been developed or pitched at EDN forums and workshops. Therefore we are proud to announce that three titles have gained official recognition through awards, festival selections and the acquisition of development funding. The projects were previously co-developed at the EDN initiatives Docs in Thessaloniki, Glucophage women, Crossing Borders and the EDN supported pitching forum NORTH PITCH - Below Zero.

The awarded and recognized titles are:

Kids on the Silk Road | Honoured with EIDF World Vision Special Award

Participated in the EDN initatives RealYoung and Crossing Borders

Director & Producer: Jens Pedersen | Producer: Maria Stevnbak Westergren | Pedersen & Co., Toolbox Film (Denmark)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: Kids on the Silk Road is a documentary series with unique stories of the extraordinary lives of young children from different countries along the colorful Silk Road (5 x 20 min. episodes).

The Miracle of Almeria | Receives support through Eurimages

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Docs in Thessaloniki

D: Moon Blaisse, Thomas Bellinck | P: Emmy Oost, Cassette for Timescapes (Belgium)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: The legal and illegalized inhabitants of Almería, the largest vegetable patch of Europe, collaborate on reinventing a common future, as European political decision making fails to do so.

Where Man Returns | Featured as opening film at Tromsø International Film Festival

Participated in: EDN supported pitching forum NORTH PITCH - Below Zero (working title: 'Animal')

D: Egil Håskjold Larsen | P: Racha Nia | Yellow Log AS (Norway)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: A close encounter with a man's relationship to nature, somewhere far into the Arctic North. Where Man Returns is a contemplative portrayal of man's relationship with nature. 75 years old Steinar has chosen to live his life close to nature. He lives in an isolated icy universe on Europe's northernmost tip, just one kilometre from the Norwegian border to Russia. In this remote wilderness, he finds freedom and tranquillity. He belongs here, but living alone with nature seems at times both lonely and overwhelming

The EDN team would like to congratulate the above mentioned project teams on their success
and recognition of their work.

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