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Extended deadline for EURODOC 2012


EURODOC is a three-part training programme specifically designed for co-producing creative documentaries at the international level. The application deadline for 2012 has been extended to November 7, 2011.

EURODOC film Ramin by Audrius Stonys

EURODOC is aiming at documentary producers who:

 - are looking for an in-depth analysis of a documentary film project in development,

 - want to test its appeal and potential abroad, to get advice and follow-up on complex budgeting and financing, legal and practical and business aspects of co-productions

 - are seeking to present a developed project to more than twenty commissioning editors from Europe & beyond, in one-to-one meetings, in a friendly and privileged setting.

Every year, 30 independent producers and representatives in charge of supporting the documentary production in Europe and abroad take part in 3 one-week training sessions with experienced tutors and experts who play influential roles in the current audiovisual and documentary field.

In 2012, these 3 one-weeks sessions will be :

  • SESSION 1: Development / March 2012, Belgium
  • SESSION 2: Budgeting, Financing, & Packaging / June 2012, Germany
  • SESSION 3: Meeting the Commissioning Editors / September 2012, France


EURODOC is also running the program EURODOC International, which is open to 5 non-European producers each year. The objective of the EURODOC International program is to actively help new generations of producers and commissioning editors extend the network. For more information on EURODOC 2012 to go the EURODOC web site.

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