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Docs in Thessaloniki to Feature Masterclass on Audience Reach by Gruvi CEO Ben Johnson


As part of the 20th edition of Docs in Thessaloniki, Gruvi CEO Ben Johnson will conduct a masterclass on 'How to Reach and Build an Audience'. The session will take a closer look at the role of digital marketing in today's film industry and how new tools and strategies can be used to implement a new approach to audience building.

Gruvi CEO Ben Johnson will share in-depth insights
based on years of digital marketing experience

How do you reach and build audiences in the early stages of a film production? The answer lies in aligning your marketing early on, and thinking about the wider scope of the life cycle of your production. Successful producers think further down the line of simply raising production budgets and making their films.

In this master class, Ben Johnson provides valuable insights that can help filmmakers with their digital film marketing. In a connected world of new media and distribution, traditional marketing strategies focused around the week of release for any film promotion are no longer relevant or effective. Audience behaviours are evolving. In order for films to stand out of the crowd and to attract new audiences, filmmakers need to be thinking about a new set of tools and methodologies to reach them.

With over 10 years of Digital marketing experience the presentation will focus on:

  • Highlighting what’s wrong with the traditional industry thinking & the myth of the opening weekend
  • Understanding the films value chain and how early stage marketing practices can help in negotiation, money raising as well as ticket sales
  • Reviewing the targeting, marketing options and technologies that are available to help make the right decisions along the value chain
  • Providing an understanding of how important the creative choices are in the development of the film’s actual promotional materials at the time of launch
  • Reaching targeted audiences online and converting them into watching your film whether that be theatrically or online.

All this work will be based on the case studies and work from Gruvi’s free e-book Winning your Audiences: Marketing Movies in the Connected World that includes many case studies from European independent releases.

This master class takes place within the framework of Docs in Thessaloniki Pitching Forum 2018. The event is organised by EDN – European Documentary Network and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Images of the 21st Century. For further details - incl. date, time and venue - please visit the Docs in Thessaloniki overview page on our website.

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson has been tinkering with online advertising and social media since the early days of web 1.0 and has always been fascinated by the possibilities to reach and communicate with audiences en masse. Ben runs Gruvi, a technology, media company that helps entertainment businesses reach and engage online audiences. Gruvi has worked on over 500 movie campaigns for clients like Warner, Disney and Sony as well as indies like Wild Bunch, Scanbox and Dogwoof.

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