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ERT Doc on Air Award 2011 takes The Return


During the conclusion of the 13h edition of the pitching forum Docs in Thessaloniki the ERT Doc on Air award was presented to the best of the 19 projects participating in the session. The award was presented to the team behind the project The Return.

Tone Andersen & Anita Rehoff Larsen

The winner of The ERT Doc on Air was chosen among the tutors at the Docs in Thessaloniki pitch workshop. The motivation of the jury is:

'We discovered at the 13th Docs in Thessaloniki Documentary Pitching Forum 19 great projects and it was difficult to choose between them. Nevertheless we found one project, which was outstanding and has reached our unanimous vote.

The project we’ve chosen deals with an important issue which deeply touches our lives. It does not only address an important political and social contemporary issue, but it is also a project about the future, particularly that of the younger generation. It tells the story of Palestinian youngsters put in prison by the Israeli army and how they overcome that trauma after their release, years later.

By giving the ERT Doc on Air Award to the chosen project, the jury underlines not only the commitment of the director and producers but also the visual quality and cinematic approach. These are the hallmarks of a good documentary: visually outstanding, provoking and engaging, in short: a film that can help to change the world we are living in. The ERT Doc on Air Award of 7000 EUR goes to:

THE RETURN Directed by Tone Andersen. Produced by Anita Rehoff Larsen and Tone Grøttjord from Sant & Usant Documentary Film, Norway.'

So far The Return has been supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt ord, NRK & Fond for lyd og bilde.


The tutors of Docs in Thessaloniki 2011 were:


Here you can read more about Docs in Thessaloniki 2011.

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