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EDN strongly regrets the firing of Kostas Spiropoulos from ERT as General Manager


In relation to the recent announcement of Kostas Spriropoulos being fired as General Manager from ERT, EDN is issuing the following statement:

Kostas Spriropoulos

EDN has a long relationship with Kostas Spiropoulos dating back from the Greek workshop History Doc in 2005 until the Story Doc workshop in June 2012.

From this relationship we have experienced Kostas Spiropoulos’ strong engagement in the development of Greek documentary, constantly and innovatively trying to improve the difficult conditions for the Greek documentary environment.

From Greek filmmakers we know that Kostas Spiropoulos brought this engagement with him in his position as General Manager of ERT an engagement starting only half a year ago.

In this position Kostas Spiropoulos has set a high standard of quality in his program policy, has encouraged ERT’s involvement in international films and co-productions and has been very supportive of young Greek filmmakers.

In that context it’s even more regrettable that one of the reasons for the firing of Kostas Spiropoulos, according to the statement of ERT’s board is ‘not complying with the relevant legitimate procedures for commitment by ERT to participate in the international co-production ‘Kismet’’.

‘Kismet’ was by one of the ERT board members in a press interview referred to as ‘Turkish propaganda’. ‘Kismet’ is a Greek production, very successfully pitched at IDFA this year and supported by among others ARTE, with a strong international potential.

EDN strongly regrets this step backwards for documentary film in general and Greek documentary in particular.


Here you can read the news story on reporting that ERT had fired Kostas Spriropoulos.

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