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The EDN Director's Blog

Introduction to the Director's Blog


The director's blog is a channel on the EDN website aimed at presenting topics and ideas - related to EDN and the documentary industry - to a broader audience. In this edition, EDN's interim director...

Director's Blog - Nomination of the Board


Please find here the letter of appointment of the new EDN Board d.d. 31 th of December 2018

A Word From EDN's New Interim Director on the Situation of EDN


It is my pleasure to reach out to you today to introduce myself as the new interim director of EDN. I consider it my duty to inform you about some of the challenges and changes that EDN has gone...

Media and Society Initiative


The project, entitled Media and Society: European Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape, aims to set out a blueprint to secure a sustainable future for the industry. It brings together academics,...

EDN Director's Blog #9: Emerging Talents, Film Schools & the Future of Documentary


While in Helsinki for the EDN Workshop "Twelve for the Future", EDN Director Paul Pauwels revealed in an interview his take on the challenges in the documentary sector and the vital role that film...

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