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Applications Open for German-Italian Co-production Development Fund


Producers and filmmakers can now apply with their projects until 15 December 2015 for the German-Italian Co-production Development Fund. The new fund had been created last year by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs & Heritage and Tourism (MiBACT) and the German Federal Film Board (FFA).

German-Italian Co-production Development Fund:
Initiated by FFA and MiBACT

The support scheme aims to support feature films (incl. documentaries, animation and fiction) that are co-produced by Italy and Germany and suitable for theatrical distribution. The amount granted to each film ranges from EUR 10.000 up to a maximum of EUR 30.000. Both the FFA and MiBACT support the fund with EUR 50.000 each, in order to foster and develop the collaboration on joint projects and contribute to growing a network of filmmakers from both countries.

Eligibility Criteria:

• Support can be granted for the development of full-length feature films of any genre for theatrical release aimed at the realization as an Italian-German co-production.

• The projects must be of high artistic quality and display the potential to attract audiences in at least Italy, Germany and Europe.

• At least one German producer with a legal head office in Germany and one Italian producer with a legal head office in Italy must co-develop the film.

• The participation of the majority co-producer cannot exceed 80% and the participation of the minority co-producer cannot be lower than 20%. The technical and artistic share of each producer should be in proportion to the respective financial participation.

• Both producers have to prove their commitment to the project by presenting at the end of the development process a detailed substantiated production plan, including proof of contact to financing partners, distribution partners and possibly to broadcasters and a script.

• The rights of the script should be allocated according to the producer‘s share in the total development costs. Disproportional rights allocations are possible upon written consent of the co-producers.

The application deadline is 15 December 2015 and the general guidelines for applying are available via the FFA website. The English application form can be downloaded here. For more information on how to apply as well as contact details, please visit the FFA's section introducing the German-Italian Co-production Development Fund.

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