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EDN Celebrates 20 years of Support for the Documentary Sector


This year EDN celebrates two exciting decades of stimulating networks & knowledge within the documentary sector. To make this anniversary a special one, we're asking our members, colleagues and collaborators to share their most memorable EDN moments.

Founded in September 1996 as the first pan-European organisation dedicated to the needs of the documentary industry, EDN has since been promoting documentary filmmaking through workshops, seminars, publications and many other initiatives. They have all brought together documentary professionals from every corner of the world. During these two decades the industry has experienced dramatic changes in how the documentary landscape is structured. But despite these changes, or perhaps rather because of them, we feel that the need for support, training and networking has only increased over the years.

One thing was clear right from the start: a strong documentary community requires efficient tools and opportunities for networking and improving one's skills. To meet these demands The EDN Financing Guide, originally released as The EDN TV-Guide, quickly became an essential instrument for filmmakers to access funding. And it still continues to be. The financing guide has recently been followed by the release of The EDN Co-Production Guide. Together the two guides provide an extensive overview of funding possibilities for documentaries.

Making documentaries successfully requires more than tools. That's why, over the course of 20 years, EDN launched a variety of activities to build and foster a unique network of professionals who all aim to create high quality documentaries for European and international audiences. Our aim was always to bring together all sides of the industry, and we have done so through our many seminars, workshops and pitching forums, for example: Lisbon Docs, Docs in Thessaloniki, Crossing Borders, Twelve for the Future.

During all the events we have organized and attended, we have seen projects evolve from simple drafts to finished films. Many went on to win awards at renowned festivals and reached large audiences. Whenever we see such progress, we know that the documentary landscape has become richer and more diverse. Contributing to this success was our mission in the first two decades and it will continue to be in the future. In this spirit, we look forward to continue strengthening the documentary sector.


Calling all members to share their EDN experience

On the occasion of this 20th anniversary, we would of course like to thank our many members for 20 years of loyalty and support for our mission! Let's make this event a special one. Help us celebrate this important event by sharing your most memorable EDN moment via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn by using the following hashtags:



... we're really excited and very much look forward to many enjoyable, surprising, funny and extraordinary moments you have experienced with EDN.

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