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You can still apply to Lisbon Docs without a project


Lisbon Docs is a great opportunity for you to form new networks and get an update on the latest development on the European documentary market. If you want to apply to Lisbon Docs without a project, there are still a few seats available.

Session at Lisbon Docs

Lisbon Docs is an international financing and coproduction forum for documentary film, which takes place in the framework of doclisboa - International Film Festival. 

Taking part in Lisbon Docs will bring you insight knowledge on what it requires for a documentary project to be enhanced for international co-production. Lisbon Docs is open for all European documentary professionals and has a limited number of seats for participants coming from outside Europe. In the past Lisbon Docs has proven to be successful in pushing filmmakers into the international scene.

For Lisbon Docs a limited number of observer seats are still available. When participating as an observer you will take part in all sessions on equal terms with the pitching participants. Only exception is not having a concrete project developed and pitched. Observers pay 200 Euro for participating. You apply for an observer seat by emailing a motivation for your participation to

Here you can read more about financiers and pitch panel participants present for Lisbon Docs as well as find info on the team of experienced international tutors leading the workshop. Go to Lisbon Docs 2013.

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