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Apply for the ZeLIG three-year documentary training course


ZeLIG is an institution dedicated to training people in the documentary film sector and runs a three-year vocational training course in documentary filmmaking. Application deadline for next training cycle is Thursday, October 24, 2013.

ZeLIG is one of the leading educational institutions in Europe to offer specific training in documentary filmmaking. During the three-year training program it is possible to major in camera/lighting, editing/post-production, and directing/project development.

By covering all aspects of film production, ZeLIG does not train specialists in one field only, but rather prepares students to work as camera operators, editors and directors with technical and dramaturgical skills, which may be put to use throughout the audiovisual industries. All ZeLIG instructors are active professionals in the film and television sectors, and offer students direct feedback from the real world on the latest developments in the international market.

The training at ZeLIG, based in Bolzano, Italy, is held in three languages: Italian, German and English. Admissions for the documentary education is open every three years and next cycle is planned for 2013-2016.

No more than 30 candidates will be admitted to the documentary education. Past experience has shown that a large number of applicants will be competing for these slots. Therefore the admissions process has been divided into two phases. 
The tri-lingual exam commission will select up to 60 candidates from all the applicants, and invite them to Bolzano for a five-day battery of admissions exams. 

The admissions exam will take place in Bolzano from the 9th till 14th of December 2013. The exam includes a written section, an exercise section and a personal interview. The Selection Commission will be assessing the applicant’s skill in visual expression and storytelling as well as oral and written expression. No technical proficiency is required. The admissions exam may be taken in Italian, German or English.

You may find all information and conditions for admission at the web site of ZeLIG.

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