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CPH:DOX Announces Award Winners


On Friday, November 13, the winners of the thirteenth edition of CPH:DOX have been announced during the Award Ceremony at the festival centre TELTET in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 13th edition of CPH:DOX took place
from 5-15 November in Copenhagen, Denmark

The jury has deliberated on the winners for the four main competitions - DOX:AWARD, F:ACT Award, NORDIC:DOX and NEW:VISION and revealed their decisions at the closing ceremony for CPH:DOX 2015, followed by the announcement of the Politiken Audience Award and Reel Talent Award. The films nominated for DOX:AWARD reflect CPH:DOX’s selection of the best international documentary films. They stand out for their strong personal qualities and cinematic vision and deserve to be shown on the big screen.



'God Bless The Child’ by Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck. Jury statement: “Establishing an otherworldly tone of extraordinary realism and a near magical evocation of family dynamics, the winning film reveals a mastery of observational rigor, and an uncanny willingness to expand the limits of documentary form. More simply, this is a film that immediately inspired us to spread the film as far and wide as possible, and in that spirit, we’re thrilled to present the Dox:Award to ‘God Bless The Child’, by Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck". The award is sponsored by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Special mention
'Uncertain', by Ewan McNicol & Anna Sandilands. Jury statement: “The jury is pleased to recognize this lyrically composed, structurally innovative exploration of the documentary imperative to shed light onto unseen corners. Beautifully investigating the relationships between people and place, physical and emotional environment, past, present, and future, the special mention goes to ‘Uncertain’ by Ewan McNicol & Anna Sandilands”


'Among The Believers’ by Hemal Trivedi & Mohammed Ali Naqvi. The F:ACT Award is dedicated to films on the edge between documentary and investigative journalism. Films that do not settle on a simple description of the world, but that also want to change it. Jury statement: “For its ability to show us a country with complex political situation, for unprecedented access to part of its educational system with far reaching consequences and to the dedication the filmmakers have shown in the following the story the jury has decided to give CPH:DOX F:ACT Award to "Among the believers" by Hemal Trivedi & Mohammed Ali Nagvi. The award is sponsored by: The Danish Union of Journalists, TVGruppen.

Special mention
'(T)error', by Lyric R. Cabral & David Felix Sutcliffe. Jury Statement: “The jury would also like to give a special mention to (T)error (by Lyric R. Cabral & David Felix Sutcliffe) because of the way it raises awareness of the invasion of civil liberty that's going on in the western world lately, and more so due to its exceptional access.”


‘Return of the Atom’ by Mika Taanila & Jussi Eerola. The best films from the Nordic countries are nominated for NORDIC:DOX Award. The selection reflects the diversity and the level of ambition of the Nordic documentary. The winner of the NORDIC:DOX Award is the film, a human comedy, as the directors document a nuclear plant from the outset with analytic lucidity – and with a sense of humour as black as Finnish liquorice.

Jury statement: “The winner of the 2015 CPH DOX Nordic award is Return Of The Atom, directed by Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola. Shot over eight years by the Finnish duo, Return Of The Atom looks at how the bureaucratic might of a massive scale European construction project impacts on the inhabitants of a small community. With clarity and sense of purpose, Return Of The Atom convincingly travels through the broad scales and global registers of the ramifications of building nuclear power stations in a post-Chernobyl world where decisions made by one nation or group can be potentially fatal for everyone else on our shared planet. From the individual characters who are confronted with a choice to either embrace the financial rewards of living in a nuclear town or try to resist the environmental and health dangers harnessing the atom brings, to the lazy and entropic bureaucratic labyrinth that accompanies such a megalithic project, Return Of The Atom is in turns sensitive, satirical, critical and bemused, taking a complex, rarely discussed topic and creating a serious but engaging, subtle and poised film.”

Special mention
‘Time Passes’ by Ane Hjort Guttu. Jury statement: “We want to give a special mention to Time Passes by the Norwegian artist and film maker Ane Hjort Guttu. Insistent and calmly dramatic, Time Passes uses students at an art school in Bergen preparing for their graduation exhibition to look at broader ideas about how the individual is so often formed, developed and changed by the institutions they belong to – or are prohibited from – and the social and ethical anxieties we all grapple with in our day-to-day lives, as we dream and hope, change and transform.”


Shared between ‘Bending to Earth’, by Rosa Barba, and ‘The Digger’ by Ali Cherri. NEW:VISION is the programme for boundary-pushing experiments between documentary and artistic vision and goes to the most provocative and challenging, but also the most artistic and creative films.

Jury statement: “(...) In Rosa Barba’s ‘Bending to Earth’ we are simultaneously transported to the past and the future as the present lurks in their shadows. A clinic but strange timelessness comes out of this folding together of time. Dinosaurs and drones could meet in this entropy. The layering of the brilliant soundtrack, the evocative script and the beautifully dizzying 35mm imagery construct a cinematic gem about our present’s perpetual confusion and the future’s uncertainty. Rosa Barba's film “Bending to Earth” will keep on haunting us.

A highly-reduced formalism and precise composition of sequences deprived of dialogue characterise Ali Cherri’s ‘The Digger’. The enigmatic lyricism of the opening quote about the grave before becoming a grave speaks of absence and its unsettling eternal presence, highly evident in the arid landscape and the mirrored civilization on its horizon. Cherri’s tightly constructed portrait of a man and the desolate emptiness of which he is the caretaker is a perfect reflection on many contemporary realities.”


Politiken Audience Award

‘The Fear of 13’, by David Sington. 10 films are nominated for the Politiken Audience Award, and it is the audience that determines the winning film, which will get a subsequent theatrical release in Denmark.


Director Elvira Lund. The Association of Danish Film Directors and CPH:DOX handed out the Real Talent Award to a documentary director, who has shown an exceptional cinematic vision at an early stage.

CPH:FORUM’s Eurimages Co-Production Development Award

'The Golden Dawn Case’ by Håvard Bustnes. The prize is awarded to the strongest project at CPH:FORUM, and this year the Norwegian documentary filmmaker Håvard Bustnes drew the longest straw with his upcoming film ‘The Golden Dawn Case’, in which we follow three female characters as they fight to keep the Golden Dawn party alive after the imprionment and ongoing trial of the party’s leadership. Jury statement: “Given the urgency of the documentary’s subject matter in the current European context, for having gained rare access to characters that are more real than life and for finding a location that is an intimate window from which the characters’ personalities and political views can be observed.”

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