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Festival deadlines in January 2015


Get ready for a Danish film festival with numerous workshops and events, a green film festival that explores the relationship between people and the planet and a Spanish film festival with a focus on African cinematography. But that is not all, January also offers deadlines for an animation film festival and a Polish film festival on Ethnography, take a look!

International festival hit Tea Time


Submission deadline: 7/1 – 2015. Festival: April 9-22, 2015
CPH:PIX will present the audience with film experiences in all genres from all over the world, seasoned with international events and a competition program. CPH:PIX offers workshops, events, seminars and numerous parties. Selected film screenings are moved to diffferent and alternative venues to give the films an extra dimension.
See details on CPH:PIX


San Francisco Green Film Festival (SFGFF) 

Submission deadline: 9/1 – 2015. Festival: May 28 – June 3, 2015
SFGFF is a festival for films and media that explore the relationship between people and the planet. Launched in 2011, SFGFF presents an annual film festival as well as year-round community screenings and events in the San Francisco Bay Area. SFGFF’s mission is to increase public awareness of the environment through forward-thinking programs of films and discussions. See details on SFGFF


African Film Festival of Tarifa (FCAT)

Submission deadline: 15/1 – 2015. Festival: March 21-28, 2015
The FCAT focuses on the African cinematography and presents a wide and representative range of all African audiovisual productions: classics, innovative work, both artistically and technically, fiction films or documentaries. There are around 180 film professionals (directors, producers, actors and actresses) participating in workshops, presentations, discussions, round tables and daily debates with audience. See details on FCAT


Animaze - Montreal International Animation Film Festival

Submission deadline: 16/1 – 2015. Festival: April 16-19, 2015
ANIMAZE is a Montreal-based international animation film festival providing a showcase for animators and animation producers to showcase and market their works. Animation is a global community of filmmakers, special effect masters, artists and programmers. ANIMAZE screens feature, documentary, experimental and short film through a film festival and special programs. Based in the city of Montreal, Quebec Canada, an international hub for animation for film and television, technology and industry. See details on nc/resources/festival-calendar/festival/animaze-montreal-international-animation-film-festival/Animaze


Eyes and Lenses - Ethnographic Film Review

Submission deadline: 18/1 – 2015. Festival: April 10-12, 2015
The „Eyes and Lenses XI” Ethnographic Film Review will be held in Warsaw, Poland,in cooperation with the Polish Institute of Anthropology and the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. Submissions from any field of ethnographic/anthropological cinematography are accepted. The festival is interested in all films, including the ones that were never screened before. The “Eyes and Lenses” ethnographic film review is a non-commercial event organized by the students of the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw. See details on Eyes and Lenses


In our online festival database you can search among 900+ festivals. Here you can see a list with all the festivals with a deadline in January 

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