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Apply for Good Pitch Europe


Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues. Apply to Good Pitch Europe no later than October 31, 2014.

Seed: The Untold Story - pitched at Good Pitch

Good Pitch Europe 2015 will be held on March 25th in Oslo, Norway and the main organiser, BRITDOC, is now calling out to European filmmakers working on social and environmental justice film projects to apply.

At Good Pitch a group of European filmmaking teams will pitch their documentary projects and associated impact campaign with the aim of creating a unique coalition around each film to accelerate its impact and influence.

Preferred projects for the pitch will tackle a national or global issue and have something important to show us about the world and ourselves. Films of any style, being personal, observational, essays, presenter-led or verité, are welcomed.

Projects can be at any stage from early production to completion and even early festival circuit, however being at rough cut stage is ideal. Your projects should be 60+ minutes in length.

You can only apply for Good Pitch if you already have outreach or audience engagement plans for your film. Your impact campaign can take any form. It could seek to effect behavioural change, policy change and/or engage with the issues raised in new and interesting ways. 

To apply you will need to upload a trailer or sample reel and a 2-minute video of yourself telling us why you want to make the film and the change you think it can affect. There is no fee for applying or for taking part.

You can read more about applying at the Good Pitch web site