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Projects pitched at "Lisbon Docs 2018":


Call Helena
Director/Producer: Matthaeus Weissenbacher
24 Milimeter Filmproduktion M. Weissenbacher

Dreams of Vladan Radovanovic
Director: Sonja Djekic
Producer: Sonja Djekic
Keva, Serbia

Go Back!
Director: Boris Despodov
Producer: Boris Despodov, Plamen Bontchev
Arthouse Blockbusters, Bulgaria

Gold Rush
Director: F. Emmanuel Bastien, Petya Hristova
Producer: F. Emmanuel Bastien
Manuproductions, USA

High Tea
Director: Abhra Aich
Producer: Abhra Aich
Tadpole Entertainers, India

Let me Live in the Forest
Director: Sergio Pablos Martínez, Luis Martinez Esteban
Producer: Elena Mera
Haiku Films s.l, Spain

Man With A Family
Director: Mikael Strandberg, Ulrika Rang
Producer: Mikael Strandberg
Explorer Mikael Strandberg, Sweden

My Mercury
Director: Joelle Chesselet
Producer: Joelle Chesselet, Lloyd Ross
Valley Studios, South Africa


Director: Ganna Iaroshevych
Producer: Ganna Iaroshevych
Ptashka Video, Ukraine

Mother and Son
Director: David Power
Producer: Ionut Piturescu, Alina Matache
Cineimpact Alliance, Romania

Our Home

Director: André Guiomar
Producer: Mafalda Rebelo
Cimbalino Filmes, Portugal

Promised Land
Director: Margarida Gramaxo
Producer: Margarida Gramaxo
The Takes, Portugal

Plan B
Director: Frank Theys
Producer: Vincent Stroep
Escautville, Belgium

Queen of the Deuce
Director: Valerie Kontakos
Producer: Valerie Kontakos, Despina Pavlaki
Exile Films, Greece

Sons of Vivancos
Director: Mireia Graell
Producer: Mireia Graell
Ringo Media, Spain

The Hole in my Life
Director: Xavier van Delft
Producer: Andrea Osvárt
XAPF, Amego Film, The Netherlands

The Pirate and the President
Director: Lennart Stuyck, Maarten Stuyck
Producer: Maarten Bernaerts
Diplodokus, Belgium

The Tigress
Director: Dino Osmanovic
Producer: Michael Steinwand
Funfairfilms, Germany

There Was And There Wasn't
Director: Andrea Capranico
Producer: Lorenzo Cioffi
Ladoc, Italy

The Soldier
Director: Aleksander Nikolic
Producer: Gregor Streiber
inselfilm produktion, UK/Germany

Director: Maciej Thiem, Antonii Gralek
Producer: Maciej Thiem
Mad Tree, Poland

Women of Valor
Director: Anna Somershaf
Producer: Anna Somershaf