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Projects pitched at "Below Zero 2018":


A Devil With Harpoon
Director: Mirko Stopar
Producer: Tore Buvarp
Fenris Film, Norway

Director: Egil Håskjold Larsen
Producer: Racha Nia
Yellow Log AS, Norway

In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun
Director: Juan delGado
Producer: Gillian Gordon
Fourth Culture Films, Germany

Journey to the End of the Night
Director: Ksenia Elyan
Producer: Max Tuula
Marx Film, Estonia

Kiruna 2.0
Directore: Greta Stocklassa
Producer: Veronika Kührová
Analog Vision, Czech Republic

Man With A Family
Director: Mikael Strandberg
Producer: Mikael Strandberg
Explorer Mikael Strandberg, Sweden

The Earth Masters
Director: Friedemann Hottenbacher
Producer: Gregor Streiber
Inselfilm produktion, Germany

The Last Polar Explorer
Director: Sven Arild Storberget
Producer: Sven Arild Storberget
Trad Film AS, Norway

The Missionaries
Director: Mike Day
Producer: Henrik Underbjerg
Stray Dog Productions, Denmark

The Terrorist
Director: Roger Manndal
Producer: Roger Manndal
Manndal AS, Norway

Director: Sofie Rørdam
Producer: Nina Paninnguaq Skydsbjerg Jacobsen
PaniNoir, Greenland