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EDN on Demand

EDN on Demand is a service, where filmmakers and producers can request a personal one-on-one video meeting with one of our experienced documentary film consultants. The sessions can focus on any topic related to the world of documentary. This includes questions ranging from film funding, co-production opportunities up to detailed inquiries regarding ongoing documentary projects. This is a service we provide free of charge to all members of EDN.

15 min.

One of the most important and immediate benefits of 'EDN on Demand' is that filmmakers receive "qualified" feedback on their projects. This is due to our nearly 20 years of experience in the documentary sector where we saw countless projects evolve from mere ideas into sellable and attractive products that succeed better at convincing financiers and decisionmakers on international markets and festivals. Secondly, a different opinion from outside the production environment can stimulate creativity and provide new perspectives on how to continue work on a project.

'EDN On Demand' consists of online video meetings each 15 minutes long. It is up to the documentary professional registering for the meeting how these 15 minutes are used. It can be:

· getting feedback on the story development of a project in development
· funding opportunities
· finding the right co-production partners
· launching a film most effectively on the international market
· discussing distribution strategies

Valerie Kontaktos, producer and director at Exile Rooms (Greece), took advantage of 'EDN on Demand' and said: "I was seeking consultation on one of my films, which I recently completed and now begin to submit to festivals. I was interested in finding festivals which would have an interest in programming my film. I spoke with Ove Rishøj Jensen [one of our 'EDN on Demand' consultants], after sending him a link to the film. He took the time to watch it and got back to me with names of festivals which he thought might be of interest. It was a productive discussion with lots of good feedback."

We have had many similar experiences with other members and encourage anybody, who would like to get some information and inspiration for his project, to get in touch with us and register for an "EDN on Demand" session.


'EDN on Demand' is available every Friday morning between 10:00 and 12:00 (Paris time) and registrations - free for EDN members - can be submitted via It is also possible to request a specific day where the online video consultation is preferred. We will then get back to you to let you know if there is a meeting slot available on this day or when the next possible meeting option is.

The video consultations are done via an online conference system provided by EDN. Here documentary professionals will have video contact with the EDN staff member hosting the consultations. The interface is provided via a browser-based system, where no download or installation is needed. The access to the meetings will be provided with a one-click solution to the users. The link to the online meeting room will be provided to you, once we have confirmed a meeting slot for you. The meetings are booked on a “first-come-first-served” basis.


The meetings are available every Friday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 (Paris Time). To book a meeting, just send an email to:

You will meet one of our experienced staff members: Cecilie Bolvinkel, Mikael Opstrup, Ove Jensen or Paul Pauwels. Click here for more information about the EDN staff.

Visit the link below to check our upcoming EDN on Demand sessions:

*Only EDN members are eligible for EDN on Demand.

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