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Media and Society Roundtable Session in London 2018

May 3, 2018. The Frontline Club. London, United Kingdom.

In collaboration with Creative Europe Media Desk UK, EDN is co-hosting a roundtable event at The Frontline Club in London in connection with EDN's ongoing 'Media and Society' initiative. The event is an opportunity for documentary professionals to help identify the challenges that the documentary sector is facing today.

The EDN initiative "Media and Society" is a project aiming to bring together policy and practice in today's audiovidual industry, affirming the independent documentary as a cornerstone of the European media environment. The initiative will serve as a basis for developing steps towards a more sustainable future. The session is presented by EDN Director Paul Pauwels and provides a platform for filmmakers and industry professionals to voice their opinion and thus making it part of the upcoming debate with the powers-that-be.

Download the PDF "Media and Society" Project Presentation incl. Roadmap:
Media and Society: European documentary in a Changing Media Landscape (PDF, 700kb)


More information about the Media and Society initiative can be found here.


If you're planning to attend the event, please make sure to register online at Creative Europe Media Desk UK until 20 April 2018. Only registered participants are allowed to take part in the roundtable sessions. More information and a link to the online registration form can be found here.