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Media and Society Presentation at Doc Salon 2018

February 16, 2018. 09:00-10:30. Martin-Gropius-Bau, 2nd Floor, Berlin, Germany.

As part of DocSalon 2018 at EFM/Berlinale, EDN Director Paul Pauwels will be hosting one of the scheduled 'meeting moments' for focus groups within the framework of the "Media and Society" initiative. Also part of this session will be a public presentation on the progress made with the 'Media and Society' initiative.

The EDN initiative "Media and Society: Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape" is a project aiming to bring together policy and practice in today's audiovidual industry, affirming the independent documentary as a cornerstone of the European media environment. The initiative will serve as a basis for developing steps towards a more sustainable future. At Doc Salon 2018, EDN  Director Paul Pauwels will be hosting three sessions dedicated to the Media & Society initiative, providing a platform for filmmakers and industry professionals to voice their opinion and become part of the upcoming debate with the powers-that-be. For more information about the Media and Society sessions and the Doc Salon 2018 programme, please visit the DocSalon website.


DocSalon Session: "On the Way to a Brave New Documentary World"

The European documentary community is facing burdensome times. The EDN initiative "Media & Society - Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape"  intends to provide the policy-makers with a strategy document that will contribute to a culturally rich and economically sustainable professional environment.

Download the PDF "Media and Society" Project Presentation incl. Roadmap:
Media and Society: European documentary in a Changing Media Landscape (PDF, 700kb)


How to register for the session and personal meetings

If you would like to participate in the above session, please send an email to paul_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern to briefly confirm your presence. Furthermore, personal meetings with Paul Pauwels can be booked at EFM/DocSalon between 15th and 21st of February.