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EDN Networking Dinner at Sunny Side of the Doc 2018

Monday June 25, 2018 at 20.00, La Rochelle, France

EDN is organizing a networking dinner in connection with Sunny Side of the Doc. All EDN members are invited to participate in the dinner. The deadline for signing up and additional details regarding the location will be announced here as soon as possible. The deadline for signing up is Friday, June 22, 2018 (noon).

EDN is inviting all members, who are present at Sunny Side of the Doc, to join us for our EDN networking dinner. The intention is to have an informal dinner where you can meet other EDN members, network and share a good meal together. 

The dinner is usually a fixed menu where you can choose between a meat or a vegetarian choice. The price for the menu will be €31. Payment for the dinner and drinks are handled by each guest directly with the restaurant.

Time and place for the EDN Networking Dinner

The EDN networking dinner takes place on Monday, June 25 at 20:00. The address of the restaurant is:

35, rue Saint-Jean-du-Pérot
17000 La Rochelle
Tél. 05 46 52 26 69
Fax. 05 46 41 90 80

- The menu will be a three course dinner for €31,00, consisting of:
  • White asparagus mousseline, dried beef and slices of basque cheese
  • Grilled mackerel filet, potato "boulangère" (incl. sweet tomatoes) and vinaigrette with traditional mustard
  • French-style tart with fine chocolate cream, pomelos and lemon flavor

- There will be a vegetarian menu available as well
- Drinks (water, wine, tea, coffee) are available for a fixed fee of €5,00
- Payment for the dinner and the drinks are handled directly with the restaurant

How to sign up for the dinner

Please note that signing up for the dinner is a binding registration. This means that we will pre-order the amount of menus corresponding to the number of people signing up; and your registration commits you to paying for the menu. In other words if you do not show up, we will still have to charge you for the dinner, as EDN can not take expenses for pre-ordered menus, which are not made use of. We hope for your understanding on this procedure.

Your payment for the food & drinks is handled directly with the restaurant immediately after the dinner.

If you want to join us for the EDN networking dinner please send an email with "SUNNY SIDE DINNER" in the subject line to dinner_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern no later than Friday, June 22, 2018 (noon). Please state your name, number of participants for the dinner and your mobile phone number.

Present from the EDN organisation will be: 

  • - Paul Pauwels, EDN Director
  • - Cecilie Bolvinkel, EDN Network & Partnerships Manager
  • - Jörg Winkelmann, EDN Press & Communications Manager

EDN Contact: