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Outreach and Distribution Workshop 2016 in Oslo

April 28 – 30, 2016. Filmens Hus, Dronningens Gate 16, 8th Floor. Oslo, Norway.

EDN and NFI:LAB are organizing a three-day outreach workshop where producers and directors shape the strategies for the release of their next documentary, including the industry launch and getting the film out to a general audience. The format combines general talks by outreach experts with hands on work with shaping a concrete plan for each of the four selected documentary projects. You can participate with a project in development as well as an observer. You can submit your project for participation until Friday, April 1, 2016. Observer seats are handled on a “first come – first served” basis.

During The Outreach and Distribution Workshop the selected project teams and the observers will be introduced to tools, mechanisms and considerations for launching, distributing and selling documentary films. This information and knowledge will during the three days lead to the implementation of a concrete outreach strategy for each of the selected projects. The presentations of these strategies will conclude the workshop on the third day.

Under guidance from experienced international tutors each of the selected documentary teams will:

  • - Build a concrete launch plan for getting the film out to the professional documentary market
  • - Identify key audience groups for the film
  • - Name outreach partners to work with
  • - Formulate key elements and materials for the outreach campaign

The tutors of the workshop will be:

  • Ben Kempas, Film & Campaign, Scotland
  • Ove Rishøj Jensen, EDN, Denmark

Why participate in an outreach and distribution workshop?
Getting your documentary out to an audience requires knowledge about tools for audience engagement; skills about distribution mechanisms and strategies for launch campaigns. To meet these demands for getting your next documentary out to a wide audience, EDN has developed this workshop, touching upon the essential points of the outreach and distribution of your next documentary. Now this workshop is presented in collaboration with the NFI:LAB.

The workshop format
During the first day we will provide a general introduction of tools and mechanisms for distribution and outreach as well as evaluate the potential strategy for each of the selected projects. Every project team will be asked to present initial ideas about target audiences and distribution considerations.

During the next days the participants will work on the details of identifying potential collaborators, reaching different audience segments and creating a detailed plan for the launch of their film. The work will be done in both individual sessions and in plenary work. We will end the workshop with a presentation of the participating projects, the goals achieved during the workshop and aims for the outreach and distribution of the film.

Pre- and post-workshop video meetings
For the selected project teams there will be an individual pre-workshop video meeting in order to prepare the teams for their participation in the workshop. Additionally, all project teams will have a post-workshop follow-up session, in order to secure the best implementation of the strategies and plans developed during the workshop.

The participants
The workshop is open to documentary professionals from around the world. The level of the teaching will be high and based upon the experiences of the participants. We encourage teams of directors and producers to participate together in the workshop, as the participating projects will go through developments in all aspects of the outreach and distribution plans.


The deadline for submitting your project is April 1, 2016. We encourage projects to be creative documentaries for cinema and TV, in late development or early production. Documentary professionals coming from every part of the world are welcome to participate. You submit your project by sending a written 3-page presentation of your project accompanied by visual material. Your written 3-page presentation should include the following elements:

- Title, name of producer, production company and director, length, format & production plan/time of delivery of the final film

- Short synopsis

- Depending on the nature of the project information on: Visual approach, reflections on the narrative, presentation of characters etc.

- Initial reflections about the audience potential of the project.

- The total budget sum (not the whole budget) & a brief financing plan

- Short CV & filmography of company and director

- Contact details on producer/production company and/or director

You can send your 3-page presentation by email to: anna.kristina.knaevelsrud_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern


The visual material
Preferably your application should be accompanied by visual material already shot for the submitted project. You submit your visual material as a link to an online streaming platform, like Vimeo or YouTube, when emailing your 3-page presentation.


Participation Fee
For e
ach selected project, a participation fee of 2000 NOK will apply. Each project team can include up to three participating persons for each project.


Participating as Observer
For The Outreach and Distribution Workshop a number of observer seats are available. When participating as an observer you will take part in all sessions on equal terms with the pitching participants. Only exception is not having a concrete outreach and distribution plan developed for your project. The fee for participating as observer is 750 NOK.


Further information about the workshop can also be found on the NFI:LAB website via this link.


EDN Contact Person

Ove Rishøj Jensen

ove_@If you can read this, please upgrade to a modern

Phone: +45 3313 1122