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Pianist Kerem Gorsev was dreaming of...

What is EDN? And what do we do?


EDN - European Documentary Network is a global network for professionals working with documentary film & TV. Around 1000 members from more than 60 countries have joined EDN. Our organisation is open...

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EDN Announces Projects Selected for Twelve for the Future


Following the call for submissions for the next edition of the EDN workshop Twelve for the Future, we are delighted to announce the twelve projects that will participate in the upcoming cycle of our...

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Festival Deadlines in July 2017


Prepare your festival strategy with our monthly overview of upcoming festival deadlines! Filmmakers whose projects are ready for competition can submit their films to the following festivals with...

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EDN On Demand - June 30, 2017


EDN On Demand is a video consultation service for documentary professionals. This service makes it possible for you to get direct feedback from EDN staff members in an easy accessible way regardless...

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Lisbon Docs Pre-Workshop: THE LAB 2017


EDN will be involved in this year's edition of THE LAB, a pre-workshop exclusively aimed at Portuguese producers, filmmakers and film students who plan to participate with their projects in Lisbon...

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Lisbon Docs 2017: New Gateways to Your Audience


The 2017 edition of Lisbon Docs will concentrate on strategies to create top-quality documentary projects and on how to deliver them to existing and new audiences. If you are a documentary filmmaker...

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EDN WEEKLY #24: 26 June - 2 July 2017


EDN WEEKLY: Ex Oriente Film 2017 1st Session, EDN Member of the Month – Christian Popp, DOCalendar Deadlines in July 2017, EDN Co-Production Guide 2017 & more

EDN Director's Blog #9: Emerging Talents, Film Schools & the Future of Documentary


While in Helsinki for the EDN Workshop "Twelve for the Future", EDN Director Paul Pauwels revealed in an interview his take on the challenges in the documentary sector and the vital role that film...

Latest posting at The EDN Online Forum


The EDN Online Forum is a written forum featuring sessions with financiers, member to member contact, online discussions and other activities. Click on the heading to see the latest posting.