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What is EDN? And what do we do?


EDN - European Documentary Network is a global network for professionals working with documentary film & TV. Around 1000 members from more than 60 countries have joined EDN. Our organisation is open...

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EDN Announces Lineup of Projects Selected for Docs in Thessaloniki


EDN - European Documentary Network announces the final selection of projects to take part in Docs in Thessaloniki, the annual EDN pitching forum taking place from 1-5 March 2019 in Thessaloniki,...

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New Documentary Workshop "Ice and Fire Docs" Calling for Projects


The new creative documentary workshop "Ice and Fire Docs" for Estonian and Finnish filmmakers is a joint initiative of the Estonian Documentary Guild, the Estonian Film Institute and the European...

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Panel on Pan-European Collaboration at the EU Parliament 2019


EDN will contribute to an event dedicated to the topic of pan-European collaboration with regard to the production, financing and distribution of documentaries in Europe.

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EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop Galway 2019


The Creative Europe Desk MEDIA Office Galway in association with EDN (The European Documentary Network) will organise a Pitch Pilot Workshop in Galway next April.

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EDN WEEKLY #7: 17 - 23 February 2019


EDN WEEKLY: Projects Selected for Docs in Thessaloniki, Panel on Pan-European Collaboration at the EU Parliament 2019, NORDOC Workshop Part 1, 130+ Recorded Pitching Sessions of Previous EDN...

Media and Society Initiative


The project, entitled Media and Society: European Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape, aims to set out a blueprint to secure a sustainable future for the industry. It brings together academics,...