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COVID-19: Overview of Support Measures for European Audiovisual Sector


The European Audiovisual Observatory has recently published an overview with up-to-date information on COVID-19 support measures for the audiovisual sector in various countries across Europe. The Strasbourg-based observatory keeps track of these measures via an Excel spreadsheet that is updated twice a week in order to provide individuals, companies and organisations working in the audiovisual sector with indications on where and how to seek support.

The COVID-19 crisis is producing unprecedented challenges for the audiovisual sector. In response to this, governments and organisations in the sector are bringing in measures to support and guide the various industries and their professionals through this period.

As of mid-March 2020, the European Audiovisual Observatory has been tracking information on specific national measures aimed at supporting and guiding the audiovisual sector in the 41 Member States of the European Audiovisual Observatory. The provided information also includes measures introduced at the level of the European Union, as related, for example, to the European Commission’s Creative Europe Programmeand the Council of Europe. Specifically included in this tracking is the Council of Europe's Eurimages co-production fund. Other measures adopted at supranational level by intergovernmental organisations may also be included in the tracker where they are relevant to the audiovisual industry.


On this page, provided by the European Audiovisual Observatory, you will find a link to the Excel overview file in the top-right corner. Please note that it is a quite comprehensive file with many entries. Selecting a country from the column for countries will display only those measures in place for that particular country. In that way, film professionals will quickly get an overview of measures that relate to their country of origin or work including links to guidelines, initiatives and national regulations for certain measures in those countries.

The measures being tracked are specific to the audiovisual sector and to the cultural and creative industries. They include mechanisms such as public support, regulation, guidelines, industry agreements and policy statements, for example. When more general, overarching measures concerning cross-sectoral fields (such as support measures for enterprises and SMEs or measures for workers) are taken for example, these will also be tracked insofar as they are particularly relevant to the audiovisual sector in times of crisis.



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