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  • Bloody Industry
  • Georgian officer Simon Kiladze was considered an “enemy of the people” by Stalin in 1945, just because he married a Polish girl and decided to stay with her in Poland. Upon direct orders of Stalin, he was arrested and exiled to Siberia. His Wife’s decision was to leave Warsaw and run with their child from soviet dictatorship to Canada. Simon’s Sister-in-low notify him of their death in crush. In 1957, after Stalin’s death, Simon came back to Soviet Republic of Georgia and became a patriarch of Georgian Photography. On his personal exhibition in Poland, he unexpectedly found out that his son- same name and surname as he has is living in Canada. During the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, in 1980, they’re still unable to meet each other- KGB didn’t allow Simon to participate in this event, even though his son was allowed… The documentary will show us this story of Simon and 4 more other stories (each 10 minutes long) about Georgians to Whom this cruel period brought only sadness. Respondents will be talk about the Soviet union's cultural and political repressions to masses and to individuals. Will be interviewed also a family members, who were punished as "family members of Traitors of the Motherland". Treatment 1945, II WW Is over. Young soviet officer who survived the war meets and marries a young woman from Poland, he cannot even imagine what problems could cause this marriage and his decision to stay in Poland. They are expecting their first child when one night people come to kidnap and arrest him. At first, he’s taken back to the Soviet Union. He’s put in the Soviet prison, and is exiled to Siberia for 25 years. In exile he’s living in intolerable conditions and when he is trying to contact his family, sister-in-law is informing him of sad death of two: his wife and his son died in a crush. Now the living gets even more unbearable. The real story is that his wife is emigrate to Canada with their child. In Canada she is giving his son name and surname of father - Simon Kiladze. 1957, Stalin’s dead, Simon’s finally back to his homeland - Soviet Republic of Georgia, starting a new life: marries Georgian Women Meri Lejava. He doesn’t even think to look for his first wife and child. He starts Photographing. Initially, he is works as a photo correspondent in newspapers "Komunisti" and "Izvestia". He becomes a manager and an inspirer of photo club "Sakartvelo". Under the initiative of S. Kiladze, Georgian meeting of photo-artists is held. The club organizes several exhibitions abroad. In one of such exhibitions in Poland he meets a woman who asks him if he knows a person with the same name and surname, but 40 years younger and living in Canada. He realizes that it is a part of his hidden history, and starts looking for that person. Finally, he finds his son, now his only wish is to meet him. Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980. KGB doesn’t not allow photographer Simon Kiladze to participate, even though his son is allowed. 1981 Son Finally meets his father Simon, he arrives to the Soviet Union for the second time. In his old flat, the artist gathers all his friends to introduce them his son.

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