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  • AUTOMOTIVE is a documentary about work in the digital age. At Audi in Ingolstadt, 20-year-old Sedanur spends her nights sorting car parts on the assembly line for the robots. In the vast factory as high as a house, forklifts circle each other beneath fluorescent lights and temp workers fight to keep their posts. Times are tough because Audi is about to cut a tenth of its workforce. Sedanur has no desire to find a husband and have children. She wants buy her own Mercedes-Benz. But when the diesel crisis kicks in, she is one of the first to be let go. 30-year-old Eva lives in Amsterdam and likes to ride her bike to work. As a headhunter working for Audi, she is looking for experts to automate some of their logistics that Seda works in. Eva knows that also her own job will be replaced by algorithms, so she has more in common with Seda than at first glance.

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Jonas Heldt


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