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EDN Congratulates! EDN Workshop Projects Receive Awards, Funding and Other Recognitions


EDN congratulates! is a series of news stories where we congratulate documentary teams from EDN workshops when they have achieved great results. In this edition of EDN congratulates! we are proud to announce that five EDN forum and workshop projects gained recognition through awards, production funding and selections for important industry events.

World Premiere at Hot Docs: Hope Frozen
by Pailin Wedel

Keeping track of how projects and finished films are doing is of great importance not only to filmmakers but also to the European Documentary Network, especially when projects have been developed or pitched at EDN forums and workshops. Therefore we are proud to announce that five titles have received awards, development funding and/or celebrate their world premieres at A-List festivals. The projects were previously co-developed at the EDN initiatives Crossing Borders and Lisbon Docs.

Cinema Under Siege | Received EUR 51 000 in Production Support from Film Center Sarajevo

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs (as "Beyond the End of the World")

Director: Anne Barliannt | Producer: Srdjan Sarenac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: Cinema under Siege is a feature length documentary about Sarajevo’s first international film festival, held in 1993 during the height of Europe’s longest modern siege. Today the group of intrepid artists who hosted this seemingly impossible event continues to struggle against the ethnic divisions born in the aftermath of war (...)

Terra Franca (Ashore) | Won Best Documentary Award at Malaga Film Festival

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs

Director: Leonor Teles | Producers: Filipa Reis et João Miller Guerra (Portugal)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: On the banks of the Tagus, Portugal, a man lives between the tranquility of the river and his relationships and obligations he experiences in everyday life. Filmed over four seasons, Terra Franca creates a portrait of the life of fisherman Albertino, surrounded by his wife Dália and her daughters, whose eldest one (...)

Hope Frozen | World Premiere at Hot Docs

Participated in: EDN Training Programme Crossing Borders

Director: Pailin Wedel | Co-Creator: Patrick Winn | Producer: Gigi Berardi (UK)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: In 2015, two-year-old “Einz” became the youngest person in the world to be cryopreserved. Her head and brain now rest in a cryonic tank in Arizona. Before her death, Einz fought cancer bravely. This convinced her parents she was determined to live at any cost. Her father, Sahatorn, a Thai Buddhist an Ph.D.-holding laser scientist, hopes she will one day experience rebirth inside a regenerated body. Matrix is Einz’s 15-year-old brother — a whiz kid who programs circuits in his spare time (...)

Queen of the Deuce | Selected for Participation in the Hot Docs Pitch

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs

Director: Valerie Kontakos | Producers: Valerie Kontakos, Despina Pavlaki (Greece)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: Born Rachel Serrero, Chelly Wilson was a well-educated member of the Sephardic Jewish community in Thessaloniki and one of Greece's first female drivers. Despite her conservative upbringing, she caused a furor by divorcing her husband, practically unheard of in 1930s Greece. After the divorce, she moved to Athens with her daughter, while he stayed behind with their son. The outbreak of the Second World War found her on a boat to New York, leaving her kids behind (...)

The Wind. A Documentary Thriller | Premiere at Visions du Reel International Feature Film Competition

Participated in: EDN Pitching Forum Lisbon Docs

Director: Michal Bielawski | Producer: Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska (Poland)

Synopsis/Excerpt/Logline: In the Podhale region in Poland, the Halny wind blows several times a year in spring and in autumn, in cycles. It is unpredictable, so you never know if—and when—it will metamorphose into a destructive storm, transforming the picturesque mountain chains into a décor dominated by the savage performance of nature. Coming from the highest of the Carpathian Mountains, it moreover seems to trigger, in addition to the dread it provokes among the population, heart attacks, acts of madness and violence, or other strange effects on the women or men most sensitive to its appearance. Built much like a thriller, the film develops an impressive symphonic account, examining nature and the inhabitants to chart a mysterious phenomenon.

The EDN team would like to congratulate the above mentioned project teams on their success and the recognition of their work.



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