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Marianne Lévy-Leblond Honoured With The EDN Award 2016


The 12th EDN Award is presented to Marianne Lévy-Leblond. She receives the award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the development of the European documentary culture, with her work in the field of online and interactive documentary.

Honoured with the EDN Award 2016:
Marianne Lévy-Leblond from ARTE France

As Head of Web and Transmedia Productions within the web department at ARTE France, Marianne Lévy-Leblond has supported innovative cross-platform and interactive projects allowing innovative creators to work with new forms of documentary storytelling. Upon the presentation of the EDN Award, EDN Film & Media Consultant Ove Rishøj Jensen states: “Marianne Lévy-Leblond has been part of creating structures that many of us will operate in, in our future work with documentary stories. She had been part of developing projects that we in the future will refer to as early interactive classics. For this pioneering work, we are paying tribute to her, by presenting her the 2016 EDN Award.“

Among the many unique projects Lévy-Leblond has passionately supported are titles such as Do Not Track, a web project illustrating how data shared by users on the web benefits large corporations like Google, Facebook and other global players in the field. Interactive works like Alma and the webseries Affaires Familiales are also on the long list of projects she commissioned and supported. With a view on Alma, a story about social issues and preventing violence in war-torn Guatemala, Lévy-Leblond explains: "Interactive documentary is not a geek affair, it can bring stories to life from a world that is far away when seen from our sometimes very abstract western preoccupations. And it can do so by using these new tools to make viewers meet characters on very different terms from the ones we're used to through papers or television".

Prior to her current position, Lévy-Leblond has worked as a documentary commissioning editor at ARTE France for 10 years, having been an executive producer for numerous documentaries and TV programs. The award was presented to Lévy-Leblond at The EDN Award ceremony on 18 March 2016 during the EDN workshop Docs in Thessaloniki. The workshop is held in the framework of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century.


About The EDN Award

The EDN Award is presented annually during Docs in Thessaloniki to an institution, group or private person for outstanding contribution to the development of the European documentary culture.


Previously The EDN Award has been presented to:

2015 – Caspar Sonnen for his pioneering committment to interactive documentary work

2014 – Tue Steen Müller for a lifelong committment to the documentary genre

2013 – Stefano Tealdi and Joan Gonzales for initiating and running Documentary in Europe and DocsBarcelona, respectively

2012 – Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia and The DOX BOX Team for initiating the DOX BOX festival in Syria

2011 – Dimitri Eipides: Director of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

2010 – IRDFA - Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association: Director's guild in Iran focusing on documentary filmmakers

2009 – Nenad Puhovski and Zagreb Dox For initiating Zagreb Dox in Croatia

2008 – IDF – Institute of Documentary Film: Prague based institute promoting documentary films from East- and Central Europe

2007 – Svetlana and Zoran Popovic: For initiating and running Magnificent 7 in Belgrade, Serbia

2006 – The Jan Vrijman Fund: Dutch film fund supporting filmmakers and festivals in developing countries

2005 – YLE Documentary: The documentary department of YLE, the national public service broadcaster in Finland


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