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Lisbon Docs 2015: Lineup of Tutors and Panel Members Announced


Producers and filmmakers taking part in Lisbon Docs 2015 can look forward to an exciting lineup of tutors and panel members providing input and guidance for this year's edition of the forum. Lisbon Docs 2015 will feature a broad range of experts coming from ARTE, PBS, YLE, the Tribeca Film Institute, The Guardian and many other organizations relevant to the documentary sector. Applications are still open and documentary projects can be submitted until 15 August 2015.

Lisbon Docs is an international financing and coproduction forum for documentary film, which takes place in the framework of doclisboa - International Film Festival. At Lisbon Docs participants will be introduced to the power of new players in the distribution and financing markets. The workshop sessions will focus on analyzing the content of the selected projects, on delivering advice on how to tell the stories in a way that will allow people to find an audience without loosing artistic integrity.

Among the tutors for this year's edition are Edda Bauman von Broen (Producer, Germany), Tracie Grey (Producer & Director, USA, Specialist in USA Funding), Marta Andreu (Director, Spain), Audriusz Stonys (Director, Lithuania), Peter Jäger (Sales Agent, Autlook, Austria), Christian Popp (Procucer, Yuzu Productions, France), Joelle Alexis (Editor, Israel) and Graça Castanheira (Director, Portugal - to be confirmed).

The list of confirmed panel members features a variety of experts from leading institutions dealing with documentary film and includes Martin Pieper (ZDF/ARTE, Germany), Catherine Le Goff (ARTE GEIE/TV, France), Jenny Westergaard (YLE/FST/TV, Finland), Tom Koch (PBS/TV, USA), Ryan Harrington (Tribeca/fund, USA), Charlie Philips (The Guardian/Newspaper, UK) and Adriek van Nieuwenhuysen (IDFA/Forum/Bertha Fund - Festival/Fund, Netherlands).

The confirmed contributors for this year's edition will allow for highly qualified feedback in addition to offering a variety of unique opportunities to develop and finance documentary projects. Lisbon Docs is open for all European documentary professionals and has a limited number of seats for participants coming from outside Europe. Submissions are accepted from professionals, who want to take part in an intense creative dialogue and development process as well as present their project to potential documentary financiers, European television channels and producers. In the past, Lisbon Docs has proven to be successful in pushing filmmakers into the international scene. This year's edition of Lisbon Docs will take place from 10-15 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Reminder: the submissions deadline for Lisbon Docs is 15 August 2015 (check here for more information on how to apply).

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