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Discount for EDN Members on a Digital Level IFP Membership


EDN members can now join the American organisation IFP – Independent Filmmaker Project with a 10% discount on a Digital level IFP Membership.

With our list of EDN member discounts, we offer special rates for services and products popular among filmmakers and documentary producers. Our list of discount offers is updated on a regular basis and we have now added a new discount available to EDN members, if they want to sign-up for a digital level membership at the American organisation IFP – Independent Filmmaker Project.

The IFP digital level membership includes:

- a digital subscription to FILMMAKER Magazine and access to a decade of online archives

- eligibility to apply to IFP’s application based programs (Labs, Film Week, Screen Forward).


How to obtain the discount

In order to find out how to take advantage of the IFP discount (and other special offers), please visit the overview of EDN members discounts on our website.

About IFP - Independent Filmmaker Project

IFP is the oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to connecting independent filmmakers and storytellers. Whether you’re emerging or established, a talented filmmaker or a dedicated film-lover, IFP membership provides access to information, programs, and opportunities designed to help you build your career and champion independent stories.

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