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EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop

The EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop is an intense three-day workshop focusing on the development of pitch pilots for documentary projects. During these three days the selected teams will re-edit their pilots and make crucial decisions for the visual approach to their stories. The workshop is aimed at experienced professionals.

(upon request)

Pitching sessions have become a frequent tool for financing documentaries in development. Everywhere in the world and all year round it is possible to take part in a pitching session, where you have around 7 minutes to present your project to a panel of financiers. With the development of the pitching sessions, the visual part of the pitch has become increasingly important. A pilot can either make it or break it when a project is being pitched for funding. To help producers, filmmakers and editors meet these demands, EDN has developed this workshop with focus on the creative development of the visual material shown during a pitch.

The EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop can have 4-5 project teams and 10-12 observers taking part. Each project team can consist of up to three participants: the director, producer and the editor. For each selected project, the director and editor should be present throughout the workshop. Preferably, the producer participates in the process as well. The observers take part in the plenary sessions and follow the editing process in the editing rooms. The workshop is aimed at experienced professionals from the documentary sector. The level of teaching will be high and tailor-made to fit the experience of the participants.

The Process

The EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop consists of three phases. A pre-workshop consultation; the workshop itself; and a post-workshop follow-up consultation.

Pre-Workshop Consultation: A consultation with each of the participating project teams focusing on the central elements of the selected projects, such as dramatic structures, character development, filmic approach, narrative approach, visual style, etc. This process is conducted via Skype/video meeting.

The Workshop: The workshop lasts three days consisting of sessions in plenary about general approaches to pilot editing, project development and market opportunities as well as intense individual guidance in the editing rooms on the concrete work with editing a pilot.

Post-workshop Follow Up: Skype consultation on the further development and the market outlook for the project in question, contact details to potential financiers as well as input regarding distribution opportunities.

The Workshop

Through an effective combination of informative plenary sessions and guidance from a leading international pilot editor and an EDN representative in the editing rooms, the participants will edit a pilot for their project and have the market potential outlined.

During the first day we will have a general session on how a good pilot is constructed. Every project team will be asked to edit a key scene from their material and show selected visual material from their project. From this material we will analyse the strengths within the material and expose weaknesses and pitfalls. Hereafter we will look at possible storylines, the psychology of the characters and their relationships in the film, visual style, style of editing, the emotional tone, ethical questions, genre and personal motivation for making the film. This will strengthen the filmmaker in the development of the pilot in particular and of the project in general. The participants will get a more detailed vision about what kind of film they want to make, and with this clarification they are better prepared to edit their pilot. During the first day, the concrete work with editing the pilots will also begin in the editing rooms.

During the second day the participating teams will work with their pilots in each editing suit. Key elements and decisions will be discussed with the tutors in a process also involving the observers. At the end of the second day we will look at the pilots in plenary and discuss the work that has been done. On the last day all projects will come as close as possible to finishing their pilots. The workshop will end with a plenary session where we go through the development of each project, discuss the decisions made, look at the market potential for each of the projects and outline the process needed to continue the development of the project.

The Tutors

The EDN tutor team consists of an experienced pilot editor and an EDN representative. The editor will bring the 'inside' look at making pilots, meaning the constructing and implementation of the actual pilots and the mechanisms leading to the best result. The EDN representative will conduct the workshop and bring the 'outside' look at the pilots, meaning the markets and distribution possibilities and circumstances for making pilots aiming at specific markets.

Previous Workshop Clients

Over the past years, the EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop has successfully been conducted for a variety of renowned clients. Below you will find a list of organizations we have collaborated with in previous editions of the workshop:

  • University for Television & Film Munich
  • Creative Europe Desk Muenchen
  • Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival Muenchen
  • MyDocs and Finas, Malaysia
  • Centre du Cinema et de l'Audiovisuel
  • Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
  • BoostHbg


EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop (PDF)


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