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EDN Online Pitching Sessions

The EDN Online Pitching Session is an online video conference, where a selected number of documentary projects are pitched and matched with decision makers fitting the specific profile of the projects. The EDN Online Pitching Sessions are offered six times per year, each with a different topical focus (eg. art, science, history, interactive).

1 hour
6 editions/year

EDN Online Pitching is an initiative where 3-4 documentary projects are pitched to a group of hand-picked international financiers and decision makers. Each session will have a specific focus or theme. The pitching takes place online in the EDN Video Conference Room and each session lasts one hour.

How the online pitching works
The aim of the EDN Online Pitching Sessions is to create a forum where documentary projects with a specific focus can be introduced and discussed. This low cost set-up makes it possible to create space for introductions and discussions of themes and focuses not always viable in the offline world.

The written presentations and pilots of the selected projects will be circulated among the participating financiers before the session. The pilots of the selected projects will be available at the EDN web site.

To set off the discussion of the project being pitched, the presenting director/producer/team will make a 3-4 minutes verbal addition to the project description. Then the discussion and evaluation of the project will be open. The feedback will be given by 4-6 financiers, decision makers and experts relevant to the specific focus for each session.

The involved partners in the session will all have audio and visual contact via the video interface provided in the EDN Video Conference Room.

All you need in order to take part in the EDN Online Pitching Session is:

- a computer with a cable connection to the internet (no WIFI)
- a microphone and camera built in/connected to your computer
- a pair of headphones

In order to submit your documentary project you must:

1) Include info about your documentary project at the EDN web site. You do so by adding the project to your EDN Membership Profile.

2) Email a 2-page description of your project to EDN. Please to also include a link to the project profile at the EDN web site. You email this to

Your written 2-page presentation should include the following elements:

  • Short synopsis describing the story
  • Treatment with reflections on the visual approach and narrative structure
  • The total budget sum (not the whole budget)
  • A brief financing plan
  • Title, director, producer, production company, length, format & production plan/time of delivery
  • Short CV & filmography of company and director
  • Contact details on producer/production company and/or director

Participating in the EDN Online Pitching Session is free of charge, but it requires that you have created an EDN Membership profile via an EDN membership.

If you are not a member of EDN yet, you can join EDN here.


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