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Projects Pitched @ EDN

Documentary films and projects frequently get pitched during EDN events and we would like to introduce some of these projects in this section. By providing more details and in-depth information about each project, the experience of pitching a production to industry professionals becomes more transparent and comprehensible.

The overview of projects pitched at EDN are categorized according to the particular year in which the activity took place.

NAVIGATION: Please click on the tabs right on top of this section in order to navigate through the archive (eg. Twelve for the Future, Lisbon Docs etc.)


Right below each tab in each section, you will find extra links for different editions sorted according to the year the event took place. Alternatively, you can also use the links below to get to the overview pages featuring projects from previous editions of our pitching forums and workshops:

Docs in Thessaloniki

Lisbon Docs

Twelve for the Future


With our "Projects Pitched @ EDN" section, we would like to offer a variety of media and additional information in a well-structured way in order to illustrate how different pitching sessions unfold and what one should take into account when meeting with decision makers and potential financers. As this is probably one of the most important aspects of documentary film production, we hope that this section provides some interesting insights and take-aways for both aspiring and established filmmakers. Don't forget to check back frequently since future pitches will subsequently be added to this section.    

The project pages will include the following information:

- project profile & synopsis
- PDF presentation
- pitch pilot videos
- general project information
- video recordings of the pitch (if available)

In addition to the above, we also provide a variety of Pitching Resources with useful information on how to successfully pitch your project.