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CoPro Israel 2019

March 20-21, 2019. Tel Aviv, Israel.

CoPro Israel is the leading documentary financing event in Israel. EDN Director Paul Pauwels contributes to CoPro Israel as tutor at the training sessions aimed at preparing participants for the pitching sessions.

The pitching event is meant to expand, enrich and advance Israeli independent documentaries as well as to facilitate and promote collaboration between Israeli documentary filmmakers and senior representatives of TV networks and producers from around the world.


About the CoPro 21 Israel Documentary Screen Market

CoPro - Documentary Marketing Foundation has been promoting and marketing the Israeli documentary films outside of Israel since 1999. Its primary goal is to promote collaborations between Israeli filmmakers and their counterparts abroad. CoPro has revolutionized the scope of international co-productions of Israeli documentaries and increases the sales abroad

Find out more about the event on the CoPro Israel website.